Larong Pinoy

    Larong Pinoy


       Few decades ago, during pastimeskids used to gather in the streets or in their neighbor hood playground to play their favorite Larong Pinoy games like piko, taguan, tumbang preso, patintero, luksong tinik, etc. But now, because of the new and modern forms of entertainment the interest of the young kids to play Larong pinoy has been taken over.

The advent of modern technology like the high-tech gadgets and computer games fascinated children and even adults. Playing computer games and gadgets lessen the physical activities and bonding for children among their neighborhood friends, they would have more “ka-Chat” at “ka-Facebook” or “ka-YM”. Unlike those children who grew up playing in the streets, would have call and have memories with their “kababata” or childhood friend. In this case the socialization among children are slowly vanishing, that's why many of the children nowadays are shy, has lack of self-confidence because they doesn't have the chance to play with other children or what we call socialization.

We are encouraging you to play again the traditional pinoy games instead of playing computer games that has no good effect in your body. In playing these kind of games, you will get benefits, some of these are good healthy body, you will be able to know more friends and you will practice your socialization skills in playing pinoy games.


Pinoy Republic

        In accoradance to the problems, we, the Pinoy Republic group aims to preserve, revive, enhance all Philippine traditional games and to promote nationalism, strengthen family ties, involve the community in worthwhile activities, and keep the children in school through games and sports. Playing games is also important in part of growing up and in the learning process of the child because, it enhances the social skills of every child and it also involves educational influence of games on the physical, mental, emotional, social and moral vitality of a child.

        We are composed of different members with different characteristics that has one goal, which is to bring back the “larong pinoy” in our country. We use this social media as our way of communicating people because, we all know that this kind of communication has been widely used by different kinds of people. We’re hoping that you’ll learn a lot from us. 

        We, the Pinoy Republic unite for one goal that is to bring back the Larong Pinoy!

Lets just play
We The Pinoy Republic Group are Joining Nickelodeon for there October First Worldwide day of play.