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Addiction Test....

Are you addicted? Do you love computer? This section might Help you to know if you are addicted. In this section you will download the file we uploaded and on that file you will answer some question that will evaluate you if you are addicted.This section will also help treat your Addiction. Don't worry The file is virus free.

This is one way of testing if your computer addict or not.
Please dowload the file below to get the test. Don't worry, downloading the file is as fast as drinking a glass of water.

1) Download File.
2) Run the file.
3) Start the test.

Note: Please answer the questions honestly. Type "Y" if true or "N" if false, Press Enter each time you type the answer.
            File is Virus Free :)

File Size: 18 kb
File Type: exe
Download File

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By: Arlan  Sadueste