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Games Played Individually

In this Section i will try to show you what are the common games Played Individually, naturally These games can be played alone but it can also be played by two or groups. This kind of games are normally played when you are bored or you're doing nothing at all.

Games Played Individually

1. Turumpo (top) - This is a popular game throughout the country. Each province has its own shape and style of top but the most beautiful and biggest are those found among the Maranao of Mindanao. The game is done with ordinary skill in order to manipulate the top. The top is usually made of soft wood for those used in regular games and hardwood for heavy competition. The top is played by winding the meter-long string around the top. The top is held between two fingers and the thumb and thrown to the ground. 

2. Yoyo - According to early researchers and documents, this particular piece of instrument was not intended for game purposes but as instrument in hunting or capturing animals and as self-defense. Presently, yoyo is made of wood and acrylic plastic though before it was made of carabao horn, ivory, silver, and even gold.

3. Sipa  - This is a common game that requires kicking skills and stamina In the sense that you need to kick the heavy, small  and colorful Things constantly and it should not reach the ground. This game is nice so you an lessen your boredom.

Why there are only few games played individually ?

The Main reason why there are only few games that are Played individually Because Filipino's are born sociable and most of of kids like to show off there skills and want to play with there friend. Most Of the Traditional Games In the Philippines requires 2 or More Players but there are some special cases - Such as The kid is ill or their parent do not want them to go out and play so the kids try to develop such games to lessen their boredom at home.

here are some of the videos on how to Play these games: